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Humihit is a plant growth promoter. It has 12% rich organic (carbon) complex aromatic macro molecular with amino acids, sugars, peptides, aliphatic compounds involved in leakages between aromatic rings. The typical humate molecule contains free and bound phenolic and carboxylic acid groups, quinine structures and nitrogen and oxygen as bridge units between aromatic structures. Humates are colloidal in nature. In certain respects, they behave like clay minerals. It increases nutrient uptake in plants. Humihit stimulates beneficial soil microbes. It increases drought tolerance and act as a buffer against high fertilizer salts and pH charges.It initiates vigorous root development and improves yield.


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 lts, 5 lts

Method of application

Seed Treatment
5 -10 ml per kg seeds

Drip irrigation
1 liter Humihit with 10 liter of water for 1 acre.

Soil Treatment
1 liter Humihit with 10 liter of waater mix in 100 Kg well decomposed farm yard manure and apply for 1 acre.

Recommended crops:

All crops.

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