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The Pheromone Traps & Lures are mechanical devices that catch the grown up stages of nocturnal insects which spread the population of crop-damaging larvae and caterpillars. The lure is installed inside the Biotraps. Pheromone Traps & Lures catch and collect male moths of destructive pests. Pheromone Traps & Lures are boon to farmers for monitoring insect activity and population, and thus can be termed as the best and timely plant protection method.


4 lures per pouch

Method of application

1-4 Traps are recommended for 1 acre.

Target Pests:

Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, Pink bollworm, Diamond black moth, Fruit fly, Stem borer and Brinjal borers.

Lures with Pheromones of different insects:

1. Brinjal hit™ - Brinjal fruit and shoot borer (Leucinodes orbonalis)

2. Bioback™ - Diamond back moth(Plutella xylostella)

3. Biohel™ - Gram pod borer (Helicoverpa armigera)

4. Biopink™ - Pink boll worm (Pectinophora gossypiella)

5. Biostem™ - Rice yellow stem borer (Scirpophaga incertulas)

6. Biospot™ - Spotted bollworm (Earias vitella)

7. Biospod™ - Tobacco caterpillar (Spodoptera litura)

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