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Indozink contains zinc solubilizing bacteria. Zinc is most essential micronutrient because it is a component of various enzyme systems for energy production and growth regulations. Its deficiency causes accountable yield losses. Our product Indozink Biofertilizer is a complete solution for zinc deficient soil. This product contains such microbes which solubilize the zinc in the soil and make it available to the plants, these microbe also secrets some novel zinc molecules which are easily able to enter in the plant system and work.


Powder - 2kg, 4kg

Liquid – 250ml, 500ml, 1lt

Method of application

Seed Treatment
Make slurry of 250gm of granular Indozink or 100 ml liquid Indozink with 500ml water and coat seeds required for 1 acre with slurry homogeneously and dry in shade before sowing.

Soil Application
Mix 2- 4Kg granular Indozink or 500ml - 1lt liquid Indozink in 100Kg of well decomposed farm yard manure. Blend the mixture well and broad cast it over one acre of land before last ploughing or first irrigation.

Seedling Application
Take 500 gm of granular Indozink or 200 ml liquid Indozink in 10 lit water and mix properly, then dip the roots (titled material) in this solution for 30 min before sowing in the field.

Drip Irrigation
Dilute 5kg/0.5-1liter of Indozink in 100 litrs of chemicals free, good quality water. Filter the mixture with a clean cloth, use the filtered solution in drip irrigation for one acre.

Foliar Spray

For fruits, nursery or other plants- 2-3ml per plant.

Recommended crops:

Banana, Cane, Cotton, Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Fruits, Vegetables and all crops.

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