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Nodular consist of nitrogen fixing bacteria, Rhizobium which is able to colonize roots of leguminous crops. Rhizobium forms an endo-symbiotic nitrogen fixing association with roots of legumes plant. It infects the legume root and forms nodules within which they reduce molecular nitrogen to readily available form. Rhizobium provides organic nitrogenous compounds to plants and plants in turn provide organic compounds to the bacteria. Use of Nodular biofertilizer brings substantial saving in the cost of nitrogenous fertilizers. We have seven genera and are highly crop specific to form nodule in legumes, referred as cross inoculation group. So always read or ask about crop before purchasing this product.


Powder - 250gm, 500gm, 1kg

Liquid – 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1lt

Method of application

Seed Treatment
Make slurry of 250gm of powder Nodular or 100 ml liquid Nodular with 400-500 ml water and coat seeds required for 1 acre with slurry homogeneously and dry in shade before sowing.

Soil Application
Mix 2.5- 4kg powder Nodular or 500 ml -1 lit liquid Nodular in 100Kg of well decomposed farm yard manure. Blend the mixture well and broad cast it over one acre of land before last ploughing or first irrigation.

Seedling Application
Take 500gm of powder Nodular or 200 ml liquid Nodular in 10 lit water and mix properly and then dip the roots (titled material) in this solution for 30 min before sowing in the field.

Recommended crops:

as mentioned on the packets

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