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BIO-WONDER is a formulation of 1.15% W.P. of Beauveria bassiana which is a naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus. The action of B.bassiana on insects begins from the penetration of spores in a body cavity through dermal coat (cuticle). The spores germinate in hyphae, then a mycelium overgrows from which conidia split off, the conidia begin to circulate in hemolymph. On this stage, the mycelium gradually fills up the whole body of the insect. Fungus growth continues until all the tissues are destroyed. The fungus can form conidiophores, which rupture the cuticle and the envelope of a dead larva. The infected insect is covered with white, wadded coating (conidiophores). The first signs of pesticidal action are observed in 5–7 days after treatment. The fungus possesses fast growth, and high specificity.It is able to remain for a long time in nature without the decline of entomopathogenic activity. It effectively controls leaf folder in crops and thereby increases the crop yield.


100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1 kg & 1 ltr.

Method of application

Foliar Spray
2.5 Kg of formulation in 750 liters of water/hectare and spray preferably early in the morning or in late evening hours.

Soil Application
Mix 1 -2 Kg Bio-Wonder powder in 50-100 Kg well decomposed FYM, broadcast over 1 acre and mix well with soil to control the white grub in soil and irrigate the soil immediately.

Target Pests:

Hairy insects, Aphids, White flies, Mealy bugs, Grasshoppers, Thrips, Stem borer, Termites, Bettles, Caterpillars, etc.

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